13 Elon Musk Quotes Which Will Leave You Inspired

elon musk quotes

Elon Musk is one of the most successful and talked entrepreneur of this era. He made a profound impact in Computer Industry, Aerospace, High Speed Transportation (Automotive), Energy Conservation and Multi planetary life expansion.

Let’s look at Elon Musk Profile ….

Elon Musk is a Canadian American Business magnate, engineer  ,inventor  and investor. He is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, and chairman of SolarCity.

He is the founder of SpaceX and a co-founder of Zip2, PayPal, and Tesla Motors.He has also envisioned a conceptual high-speed transportation system known as the Hyperloop and has proposed a VTOL supersonic jet aircraft with electric fan propulsion.

He also won numerous awards for his valuable contribution to society.  He has been referred as “Thrillionaire” , its term for high-tech entrepreneurs who uses their wealth to convert science-fiction things into reality .

I have collected the best thoughts of this brilliant man, which will leave you inspired.

List of 13 Elon Musk Quotes To Make You Feel Inspired

1.  “Life is too short for long-term grudges”

~Elon Musk

2. “Being an Entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death”

~Elon Musk

3. “If something’s important enough, you should try. Even if  the probable outcome is failure”

~Elon Musk

4. “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur”

~Elon Musk

5. “Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson”

~Elon Musk

6. “People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else”

~Elon Musk

7. “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”

~Elon Musk

8. “I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself”

~Elon Musk

9. “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough”

~Elon Musk

10. “You have to be pretty driven to make it happen. Otherwise, you will just make yourself miserable”

~Elon Musk

11. “Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up”

~Elon Musk

12. “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. It improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100 hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve”

~Elon Musk

13. “No I don’t ever give up. I would have to be dead or completely incapacitated”

~Elon Musk

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Source – Wikipedia   and Image Credit : Unsplash

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